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Keep your website & your business from bad SEO

Are you tired of SEOs trying to sell you a pig in a poke? Using dodgy techniques or not communicating well to show you the results of their work clearly?

Are you struggling to earn a spot in search results? Having a little to no online inquiry or web traffic that negatively affects your lead generation?

You might be a victim of bad SEO.

Yes, you heard read it right. You’re not just losing money…you’re also losing business…not to mention the frustration it brings.

If this is you, then think twice. Is your current SEO worth the investment? Are you getting the most out of it? How’s your ROI?

If your answers to these questions don’t satisfy you, then keep reading and let us guide you throughout the process of finding the SEO experts that best fit your requirements and your business needs.

But before anything else, let’s take a quick look at some of the main factors why some businesses fail in their SEO campaigns and why they fail hiring the right SEO people.

Failed SEO Strategies

Reasons why your SEO strategy is failing

Below are some of the main factors why some SEO campaigns fail.

You are using outdated SEO tactics

Well, this is the simplest explanation for your SEO campaign not performing well, as per your expectations; your SEO strategy is outdated and not at par with the current SEO trends.

SEO is always evolving. Google and the other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms. You must not ignore the fact that these updates affect your site’s search results in significant ways. As for now, make sure that your SEO campaign is in accordance with the major Google Algorithm updates such as Bert, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Fred etc.

Your website has poor content

Another reason behind your search engine optimization campaign’s failure is that your website is not putting out the content that really deserves the viewership of your audience.

Your website traffic is determined by the viewership percentage of the target audience. Your website will only be visited and surfed by the people of the Internet (specifically your target audience) if they find content on your website that is worth going through and consuming.

Your website user experience is poor

It’s 2021 and this shouldn’t be the case. To win Google’s attention, your customers need to love your website.

Check your website dwell time, page load speed, responsiveness and mobile-friendliness. One of the most basic requirements is to have a fast loading and mobile responsive version of your website. If people are unable to properly access your website on their mobile devices, you are missing out on significant traffic and that could be a key reason for the failure of your SEO campaign.

You ignore technical on-site optimization

Technical SEO is part of on-page SEO that focuses on fixing technical errors of your website and improving its health score to get higher rankings.

Ignoring website technical issues is like telling search engines that you don’t care about your website and giving them a hard time to understand what your website is all about.

You have a poor web host performance

Your hosting provider plays a vital role in determining the search engine performance of your website. If your web host isn’t reliable and competent, you are killing your website’s search engine ranking.

Website downtime can be a real momentum killer for your business. So, choosing the right web host and investing in a reliable hosting provider is going to be the best decision for your website.

Problem with your link profile and toxic backlinks

Toxic backlinks come in as harmful waves of links that have a negative impact on your websites’ search engine optimization (SEO). In addition to this negative effect is the fact that toxic backlinks contribute to the poor page ranking and traffic of your website.

Building the right link profile for your website, having hyperlinks that attract users to your site, and earning backlinks from authoritative websites will make your website fail-proof.

You picked the wrong target market

Your target market choice can make or break the success of your SEO strategy. If you pick the wrong market, your marketing messages won’t resonate with them as well as they could.

You won’t be able to take advantage of your audience’s pain points and will lose potential customers (and waste a lot of your SEO budget) as a result.

You expect results too soon

SEO efforts may start yielding results after a period of 3 to 6 months. Therefore, if you are expecting your SEO campaign to be a quick sprout, we request you to be a little more patient and wait for it to give out relevant results.

If your website is not getting the traction you want online, you may have failed to implement some of these critical SEO aspects. As a result, you may not be able to capitalize on your audiences’ pain points and probably lose potential customers (and waste a lot of your marketing budget).

Now that you have an insight why you struggle on your SEO, it’s about time to uncover the ‘secrets’ of achieving your success with your Search Engine Optimization campaign.

Understanding how SEO actually works is critical in achieving your business goals. However, most business owners do not have the luxury to learn SEO as most of their time is spent managing their business.

A 2019 study shows a significant knowledge gap when it comes to understanding SEO basics, such as what SEO is or how Google ranks pages.

Business owners appear to have a marginally better understanding of Search Engine Optimization compared to non-business owners. However, the results of the survey show there’s plenty of room for both groups to learn more.

According to the survey:

  • Nearly 1 in 4 business owners, and over 2 in 5 non-business owners, are not at all or only vaguely familiar with SEO.
  • Over 1 in 3 business owners, and over half of non-business owners, have little or no understanding of how Google determines search rankings.

Hence, business owners’ best and only choice when it comes to this is to look for or hire an SEO consultant, an SEO expert, or even an SEO agency that they think can fill the gap of this intricate area.

One reason why to hire an SEO expert is because he’ll be able to exploit the best tools, resources, and strategies to keep up with the changing landscape of SEO. By outsourcing the efforts to a specialist or a firm, business owners will be able to focus on other areas of their business

Advantages of SEO includes:

  • SEO generates targeted website visitors
  • SEO builds your brand
  • SEO creates returning visitors
  • SEO has a high ROI
  • SEO is affordable
  • SEO provides long-term benefits
Find the Right SEO Expert Banner

Finding the right SEO expert

You want your business to grow (more leads, more sales, more traffic, higher rankings), and you realize SEO is a great strategy. Which means it’s time to hire an SEO consultant right?

Unfortunately, many businesses do not know the first thing about SEO, which leaves them open and vulnerable to being taken advantage of by devious individuals or firms. If you want to end up on the first page of Google’s search results, you need to take a much disciplined approach to finding the right SEO team possible.

This is why we prepared a guide for business owners when hiring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants. Before locking into a contract with your new SEO provider, here are some tips every business owner should consider.

Years of SEO experience

Anyone can start an ‘SEO agency’ overnight and call themselves an SEO expert. But in reality, that doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. There are tons of small things that go into the bigger picture of doing SEO. It takes many years of experience to know what works and what doesn’t to truly do a decent job.

Every website needs different SEO tactics to succeed. An SEO expert with years of experience will be able to assess any website and know exactly what needs to be done for it to gain more organic traffic and high organic rankings. While in contrast, an SEO newbie will implement the same things on every site, which will only have a limited effect.

Deep understanding of all three SEO levels

Search engine optimization involves three categories:

Technical SEO

This revolves to non-content elements of a website. It includes strategies to improve a site’s backend structure and foundation including site readability and user-friendliness.

Technical SEO includes:

    • Site speed
    • Mobile-friendliness
    • Indexing
    • Crawlability
    • Site architecture
    • Structured data
    • Security

Furthermore, technical SEO determines how easy or difficult it is for search engines to crawl and index a website.

On-page optimization

This revolves around the content of a website. It includes strategies to optimize individual web pages.

On-page SEO includes:

    • Keyword research – Finding the best keywords to target on a specific page.
    • Keyword optimization – Using the target keyword in all the right places.
    • Content creation – Publishing high-quality content focused on target keywords
    • Page headings optimization – Using the right titles that guide readers through an article.
    • Internal link optimization – Implementing links which will help users and search engines navigate through the entire website.
    • Meta tags optimization – Providing more details to search engines and website visitors who encounter a site in the SERP.
    • Image optimization –Reducing the file size of an image without sacrificing its quality for faster page load time.

These factors help search engines understand the content of a website and identify if a website is a valuable source that people would want to find.

Off-page optimization

This includes strategies in building website reputation and authority. This technique helps strengthen the website’s influence, and its relationship with other websites.

Most off-site or off-page SEO relates to high–quality backlinks. A large volume of healthy links pointing to a website from relevant, authoritative sites tells search engines that a website is valuable and established. A site can gain these trust signals through a variety of link building and guest posting strategies.

Obviously, you don’t want a one-dimensional SEO. You need SEO experts who will approach their strategy from all three angles to maximize success.

Proven track record of SEO success

Anyone planning to hire an SEO consultant or an agency should definitely check at least three fairly current references to discuss how the SEO agency or the SEO expert helped them succeed.

It is easy to talk about a good game when it comes to SEO. There are thousands of blog posts and articles that demonstrate numerous SEO strategies one can use. Yet, it’s another thing to have happy and satisfied clients.

Marketing Savvy

Once an SEO expert gets beyond the technical issues of a website, SEO is a lot like traditional marketing. Content needs to be written in a way that outlines the benefit to the website visitors while leading them to a sale.

This has to be done in a way that also appeals to the people at the other end of a search engine who are looking for what a business has to offer.

Understands the bigger picture

Does the SEO focus on conversions (converting a website visitor into a customer), or search engine rankings? Ideally, the focus of any SEO strategy should be both. As the very essence of hiring an SEO expert is to accomplish certain goals which is to achieve high search engine rankings as well as increase conversions.

Mindful of the most important SEO metrics

Before choosing your next SEO team, it’s crucial that you and your consultant are on the same page when it comes to Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. KPIs are values to measure the performance of a website for organic search results.

You’ll need an SEO expert that understands which metrics are the most important to your business and can condense that information into something that you can digest.

Here are some of the most important SEO KPIs to consider:

  • Organic session – Determines how many people visit a website through organic search (naturally). This is considered the most basic, yet the most important, KPI in SEO. Other than that, you can look at other factors such as average number of page views, number of unique visitors, time spent per visit, and bounce rate (the percentage of website visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page).
  • Conversion rate – Determines the percentage of visitors that buy a product, sign up for your newsletter or engage with your content. In simple words, the visitors that became paying customers.
  • Keyword ranking – Identifies which keywords that rank in organic results. This also determines if your keyword rankings increased since you hired your SEO consultant.
  • Google crawling issues – Google crawling is the process by which a Google bot systematically indexes a website’s content. If Google struggles to read and understand a website (which obviously due to crawling errors), it cannot index the site in a way that shows up in organic search, which negatively affects organic traffic and rank.
  • Page load time – The average amount of time it takes for a web page to show up on the screen (be it a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile screen). The time it takes for a page to load directly correlates to how quickly people leave a website. If a web page takes too long to load, visitors are most likely to leave the site.

Ability to communicate effectively

The SEO process may sound too technical for most people. That being the case, it is critical for both business owner and SEO consultant to have a clear communication when it comes to the technical aspects of the strategy.

Hence, an SEO needs to be able to clearly communicate why a change must be made to a website in a way that everyone understands.

Passion for execution

SEO experts who are keen to get things done efficiently usually make for ideal consultants. Great SEOs find ways to work around challenges and roadblocks. Certainly, this means that an organization must enable progress and not hinder it or it’ll break the SEO’s spirit and desire to impact the company positively.

There you have it! Those are some tips when looking for your next Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant. Certainly, Search Engine Optimization can help you build a successful brand online — if you find the right SEO expert.

SEO Philippines

Hire SEO Experts in the Philippines

The Search Engine Optimization industry in the Philippines keeps on growing – thanks to the boundless help from our SEO experts here in the country. They play a vital role in the digital marketing landscape as they help businesses establish their online reputation. But not only that, these experts also help in increasing website traffic and leads through various online channels.

An SEO expert in the Philippines can deliver numerous advantages for your website and your business. According to Google, the Philippines is a key country in Southeast Asia in terms of its digital economy and tech-savvy population. This is why hiring an SEO expert in the Philippines can be a smart investment.

Why hiring an SEO expert in the Philippines is a good choice

Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of SEO experts out there.

Thus, you may ask this question to yourself: “Why should I hire SEO consultants from the Philippines?”

There are various reasons why Filipino SEO specialists have become a required professional in terms of website management. Here are some of them:

They produce quality content

The Philippines is an English-speaking nation thus, the English language is common in the country. In fact, you can find tons of blogs written by Filipinos. They can write and speak using this language with ease. Because of this, Filipino SEO experts have established a strong reputation in producing quality content for marketing.

They are up to date with standards and algorithm updates

Filipino SEO specialists have the knowledge and experience in the industry. On top of that, they are equipped with necessary and continuous education, training, and background. Our SEO experts in the country keep on working to stay updated and be on top of trends.

They can adopt to different CMS platforms

While there are still websites done in HTML, thousands of websites nowadays are built using different Content Management System (CMS) platforms. Hence, hiring an SEO specialist in the Philippines would be a great advantage as they are experienced in numerous CMS platforms as well as in HTML, PHP, and other programming skills.

They exhibit a remarkable work ethics

Filipino SEOs are skilled and they demonstrate an impressive attitude towards work. It is for this reason why foreign companies like Business Process Outsourcing operate in the Philippines. So, if you plan to perform optimization on your website, monitor results, maintain current standards and monitor your competition, our SEOs here are up to the job.

They fill the gap in learning SEO yourself

Learning SEO on your own can be quite difficult and time-consuming. It may not be practical to invest the amount of time into becoming an expert yourself. Let the SEO experts deal with the technical stuff for you to have more time focusing and growing your business.

They offer cost-effective SEO services

Try comparing the price of the services offered by other countries and you’ll find SEO services in the Philippines are more affordable and practical without sacrificing quality. Some SEO providers in the country decided to cut their costs so finding an SEO provider that will enable you to get the same results at a lower cost will definitely be a win-win situation.

How much does an SEO service cost

When a business decides to hire an SEO expert, it is often done to fill a hole in a business’ skills or expertise. It is an important decision to make as the growth of a business will depend on the success of the search marketing campaign.

Below is an illustration showing how much SEO services in the Philippines costs:

SEO Service Pricing

Several important facts about Philippine SEO pricing includes:

  • Market rate SEO may charge $50-$200 an hour
  • Cost-effective SEO may charge $15-$50 an hour
  • Freelance SEO may charge $5-$25 an hour
  • Custom strategies are necessary to get the best results
  • Expect additional fees for content creation
  • Expect additional fees for some link building strategies
  • eCommerce SEO can sometimes be more expensive
  • Beware of SEOs that guaranty instant results
  • Beware of SEO that uses link spam tactics
  • Ready-made SEO plans are becoming less popular

SEO service inclusions to expect when hiring an SEO expert

Google always updates its algorithm so hiring an SEO expert is necessary to achieve and maintain high quality traffic and competitive search engine rankings. Below are some service inclusions you should expect before hiring your next SEO provider.

  • Comprehensive website audit

A website audit is a full analysis of all the factors that affect a website’s functionality and visibility in search engines.

  • White-hat SEO tactics

The term “white hat SEO” refers to SEO strategies that are in line with the terms and conditions of the major search engines like Google & Bing.

  • On-site optimization

On-site SEO (or on-page SEO) is the practice of optimizing elements of a website (both the content and HTML source code) in order to gain higher rank and earn more relevant traffic from search engines.

  • Off-site optimization

Off-site SEO (or off-page SEO) refers to actions taken outside of the actual website. This includes link-building strategies which help strengthen the website’s influence and relationship with other websites.

  • Content optimization

Content Optimization refers to creating quality content that helps web pages to rank high in the search engines. Without quality content, a website does not stand a chance in the search engines.

  • SEO reporting

SEO reporting is the practice of showing the results for search engine optimization work. This provides you detailed information of your current website performance in search results. A good SEO report must include keyword rankings, organic traffic, page views, bounce rates, backlinks and more.

If your goal for your brand, product, or service is to be on the top spot and gain a strong online exposure, you should choose SEO experts who know exactly how to do it.

If you want to see success coming your way, invest in an SEO expert who seek to fully understand your business and your customers to get things done effectively and efficiently. And most especially, one with a diverse team of experienced experts who breathe SEO.

Check out our SEO services including our SEO pricing and learn how our team of SEO specialists can help you with your needs. Talk to our experts and get your free website audit!

Tell us more about your SEO goals. Call us, schedule a free consultation, or send us an email. We’d be more than willing to assist!

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