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SEO Case Study

Arrow Up’s SEO strategies that made Top Malabanan Siphoning on the 1st page of Google SERPs.

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Business overview

Top Malabanan Siphoning is a siphoning and plumbing company that caters different types of services in the Philippines especially in Manila (National Capital Region NCR).

They provide services such as manual cleaning, plumbing systems, pipelines, drain and pipe de-clogging, and siphoning of septic tank or pozo negro.

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Business and SEO challenges

Despite offering quality service to many happy clients, their website’s presence on Google Philippines for keywords was lacking. Most of their target keywords were on the 3rd page and beyond, with none ranking on the 1st page of Google. That’s why they spent a lot of money paying for Google advertisements just to be seen on the first page of Google search results.

Why? Most probably (considering the nature of the business), “Malabanan” is known to be the leading provider of plumbing & siphoning service in the Philippines and there are lots of competitions going on most especially in the internet. There are lots of Malabanan business websites over the internet which means Top Malaban has too many competitors especially in providing services in greater Manila.

SEO campaign objectives


Our SEO expert performs a comprehensive site-wide audit in order to build a strategy based on their evaluation of the site’s performance. This site audit lets our experts discover discrepancies of the website. As a result, they learn where to improve technical site performance.

Top Malabanan Initial SEO Onpage Techinical Audit

Our website auditing process includes:

  • User experience
  • Website traffic
  • Functionality
  • Site health
  • Website performance
  • SEO health

With this initial step – by thoroughly evaluating every aspect of the site’s architecture, our SEO experts were able to identify problems that needs immediate solutions.

SEO Solution

Our SEO team knew we needed to build an SEO strategy centered on evergreen content that would help generate long-term exposure, position the brand as an authority in the industry, capture leads, and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

Full Website Audit

Our SEO experts carried out an extensive audit on the website including its current rankings for all the major search engines especially in Google Philippines. They have also set a thorough analysis for its top competitors.

Development of SEO campaign

Using the data from the assessment, our SEO experts then came up with the best possible ways to drive more traffic to the website -strong recommendations which were made based on their analysis, knowledge and expertise.

Launch of SEO Campaign

We have put the plan we created into motion and implemented all the recommendations. We started optimizing On-page elements of the website such as titles tags, descriptions, URL structures, Image alt texts etc. and produced fresh and quality location targeted contents. In other words, we started building an ideally optimized and user friendly web pages! We have also started building the necessary backlinks to make the website raise its prominence in search engine results.

SEO Results

We take pride in the results we achieve within 5 months! Below are some screenshots we took. See it for yourself!

Top Malabanan Semrush Organic Traffic
Google Analytics Top Malabanan

Keyword Rankings

Some of the Top Ranking Keywords:

  • siphoning services
  • malabanan
  • malabanan siphoning
  • malabanan services
  • malabanan plumbing
  • malabanan price
  • malabanan siphoning services
  • malabanan plumbing services
  • malabanan services price
  • malabanan declogging services
  • malabanan services metro manila

Here are the screenshots from Google Organic SERPs:

Our SEO Experts continuously adjust and re-evaluate our SEO strategies to fit the needs, goals and expectations of our clients. Every business is different that is why we implement different strategies and approaches in order to achieve the best results!

Got questions? Looking for advice? Let our SEO strategists answer them!

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