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Business overview

Royce Food Corporation was established in 1990 with its first factory located in Tagum City, Davao del Norte, Philippines. The company started in its production facility with the production of the banana chips and is producing an average of 30 containers a month and exported all of its production to 32 countries. Seeing the opportunity of the abundance of coconuts in the area, the company then expanded and went into the production of other coconut-based products.


Their website’s presence on Google for keywords was lacking. They are suffering from a little to none engagement and conversions.

Their hard-coded website is pretty old and outdated. A hard-coded website, or non-CMS website is a website that does not use a CMS (Content Management System) to manage the site’s content. Instead, the site is edited using specialized tools for webmasters to make changes to all its aspects.

Moreover, the website’s aesthetics was a visual dumping ground which didn’t do justice to the brand purpose. There was no structure to the site’s content. It amplifies confusion rather than consistency.

Royce Food Corporation Old Website

Campaign objectives


A website redesign

Our brief was to provide Royce Food Corporation with recommendations and suggestions on how they could improve the overall UX of their current website and create a positive user journey that aligns with their existing marketing strategy.

We needed to create a modern and appealing visual style for the website that will shine a light on the brand personality. The goal is to re-create a website that is easy to understand and digest by users. Also, to facilitate positive user experience through informative and relevant content to navigate potential customers in the right direction.

Search Engine Optimized website

Inline with the client’s goal, on-site SEO was implemented during the website development phase.

Maintaining (and ideally improving) the site’s current rankings and organic traffic during the redesign is our SEO team’s top priority. This involves three key components:

  • Understanding of what currently works with the site’s SEO.
  • Knowledge of the common issues that crop up with the redesign.
  • Detailed plan of what will change on the new site.

Our team seeks to understand the site’s SEO weaknesses as well, as this will help us identify areas to make improvements on the new site. Aim not to just maintain but to improve the SEO with the new site.

What currently works

Our SEO team conducted a thorough analysis of the old site’s search engine standings to gather enough data of what is currently working: keywords and pages that rank, pages that bring in organic traffic and so on.

Common issues

The team discussed with the client that there are several things that typically may change or be problematic during the redesign and this include:

  • Content can be removed.
  • Content can be changed.
  • Content may move within the site’s hierarchy.
  • URLs may change.
  • Page-level optimization may change.
  • New sections can be added to the site.
  • New technology or features may be used.
  • New technical issues can be introduced.
  • Internal link structure could change.

What will change with the redesign

Equipped with the knowledge of what works and what can go wrong, Our team, together with the client review the goals for the new website. Two key goals were:

  • To preserve the existing rankings.
  • To improve the current rankings and traffic.

Best practices for a trouble-free redesign

We are happy to share to you some of our team’s practices when working with a website redesign. These include (but not limited to):

  • Keeping the old site live during the redesign process
  • Storing crawl data for future use
  • Redirecting old URLs to new ones
  • Minimizing changes to well performing contents
  • Implementing on-page SEO during the redesign
  • Updating internal links and backlinks
  • Updating XML sitemap
  • Keeping track of current rankings and traffic
  • Monitoring technical site issue occurrence


Full CMS Website

The new website was built using WordPress CMS with a mobile first approach ensuring that forms were functional and the pages looked great on every device used. Each page has lead generating features such as dynamic contact forms.

Optimized Web Copy

Fueled by an all inclusive SEO plan, our SEO team are in charge of publishing carefully targeted content and advertising that helps increase interactivity and generate enquiries.

Royce Food Corporation Responsive Layout

SEO Results

We take pride of the results we achieved within 6 months! Below are some screenshots we took. See it for yourself!

Featured Snippet

We are able to get them to position zero (Google’s Featured Snippet)!

Keyword Rankings

Some of the Top Ranking Keywords:

Our SEO Experts continuously adjust and re-evaluate our SEO strategies to fit the needs, goals and expectations of our clients. Every business is different that is why we implement different strategies and approaches in order to achieve the best results!

Got questions? Looking for advice? Let our SEO strategists answer them!

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