When Photoshop Eat Up Designers, It’s Actually Awesome

When photoshop eat up designers - Arrow Up Media

Many have stated that using Photoshop is just for editing and liquefying images. Hell no! Photoshop was set to rule in the online and outside world. Everything that you can see such as tarpaulin, panaflex, business cards, brochures, online ads, cover photos, website designs and many more were product of designing in Photoshop.

Some get addicted to it but let’s ask what do they get? They get loads of money, fun, fame and experience. If you put your mind into business, opportunities might come knocking at your front door or either buzzing on your phone.
What version of Photoshop do you prefer? Well, it is up to you. I kind of recommend Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). But of course there’s no harm in trying other versions of it like Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS6, those file under extended and portable are awesome too.

If you ever need design inspirations and images where you can use on your design, explore for pexels.com, pinterest.com, shutterstock.com, StockSnap.io and many others. Whether you’re a pro or just a beginner, learning is free for everyone.

Photoshop may not let you sweat physically but when you learn and enjoy the big and colorful dome inside your computer, I bet you cannot ask for more. You just need to have a mug of hot coffee and let the brush paint rollin’.
You maybe think that those guys who spend almost three-fourths of their lives on computer were only wasting their time. Nope.

Those guys were either online marketers, bloggers/writers, designers, editors, developers, or programmers of sites or systems that you are using today. What is life when there is only black and white? DULL. Have you ever think of publishing the design of a famous magazine? I’m telling you, designing isn’t just for a hobby or inspiration. It is a dream job where creative and critical thinking minds revolve and live.

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