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Website starter kit for your web presence - Arrow Up Media


So technically speaking, web design is the process of creating a website. It has different aspect such as the layout of webpage, content production and graphic design. A web design requires many different skills and disciplines when it comes to production and maintenance of websites. That’s why a team will cover the web design process where each member of the team has strength, expertise, and specialties in the process of development. Web design provides a specific solution that follows the client’s business rules and objectives. Furthermore, interacting and providing stable relationship and communication with the clients in order to have a deeper understanding of the requirements and utilize the information on the website.

There are different kinds of websites and their purpose depends on the target audience such as providing information on the readers, selling your products and others are for the entertainment. So what is a website after all? A website is a hosted computer system known as a web server or called an HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). It’s a great tool for entrepreneurs and anybody selling their products and services. A well-designed website is more than just aesthetics since it helps to attract more target audience or clients as well as provide more understanding about your stuff and company with the use of indicators, visuals, text, and interactions.

If you are planning to have a website and probably know how important it is to have a web presence of your business, perhaps you are wondering what kind of website is appropriate and suitable. Here are some of the different business websites with a brief explanation that you should know before you start.


Brochure style website

            This kind of website is the most cost-effective solution to promote the brand of your products as well as your business. It is a website version of the brochure that made much more look like a beautifully printed brochure. This may have a feature of the services you offered and the history of your business. This type of website is a great choice for a small business that has limited budget and finds this the best way to promote something whether if it’s your company or your services and products you are offering. This website is geared to inform the customers about the products or services they are purchasing and why it is the best choice for their needs.


eCommerce website

            This type of website is the best fit for businesses that mostly sell their products online. Just like in retail store the products are categorized allowing the customers navigate easily to find the products they are looking for or let them browse simply through the store’s inventory. This website will be your second store that will help you sell your products through online. Having an electronic commerce website will also make you more dedicated to your service. You will get reviews on your existing website meaning, a platform where a seller and customer can interact even after selling a product.


Informative website

            This kind of website provides specific and reliable information, a helpful information to aid target reader/audience in learning something new base on the topic. It has really good content, complete with clear and detailed and well-designed information to help readers understand without even scratching their heads. Informative websites provide facts about lifestyles, latest technologies, trending news, and etc. that holds profitable value for your business. The information depends on what your service offered and may contain tips and tricks, guides, fix and repair, directions, and etc. This business is popular with the people who are willing to sell their knowledge to those who are willing to pay for it. This website is suitable for owners that charge for information such as PDFs and other downloadable information that people purchase.


If you think you have an idea and perhaps can tell what type of website is suitable for your business. The next step you need is to work with expert and professional web designer that will guarantee you an excellent active online presence to make sure your business web design will leave a great impression. Arrow Up Media has the expertise to guide and don’t let every client unwelcome in choosing the best web design that will highlight its business and products.

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