6 Tips on Making A Website for Millennials

6 tips on making a website for millennias - Arrow Up Media

Filipino Millennials – roughly described as people aged 16 to 36 have been a hot topic of discussion and scrutiny in our country because of their avid use of modern technology and rapidly changing trends and habits. The Filipino youth makes up a third of our entire population making them the lifeblood of our nation. Politicians strive to gain their support through youthful innovative campaigns. Market professionals try their best to entice and gain their attention in order to gain audiences for their products and services. Businesses are looking to hire millennials into their workforce for their creative and unique ideas designed for the newer generation. But more than being incredible assets for businesses, millennials are also consumers.

Millennials as consumers are known for having different expectations compared to the previous generations thus making companies rethink and devise their brands, marketing strategies and plans more suited for the younger generation. It may seem that change is tedious and inevitable so why bother engaging with millennials?

Keep in mind that even though the younger millennials are still financially dependent on their benefactors, the older millennials are progressing and are eager to spend their hard-earned salaries on products and services provided by companies. They are well-versed in the latest technologies, making them the top generation when it comes to being tech-savvy. They are also the best kind of brand marketers because of their incessant need to share on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They often write reviews of products and services they received, snap photos of the various products which in turn attracts friends and followers who trust their judgment making them show interest in the product. Millennials are indeed one of the best target markets for companies today so that is why it is essential to have a website that caters to the needs of these people.

I would discuss in this article the 6 best ways to create a millennial-friendly website and reach out to the younger generation:

  1. Keep it fast and simple.

Millennials live in the fast lane. They spend on most of their time battling day-to-day deadlines and having activities that eat up a huge chunk of their time so it is important that the website you create is easily navigable and has content that is easily understood. Millennials don’t want to see piles of videos, ads, and audios in a single page of a site so it is best to keep the interface clean and minimalistic but strictly not old-fashioned. Millennials have little to zero patience when it comes to flashy videos, complicated product descriptions and or vague explanations about services that are being offered. It is best to keep the descriptions brief and to the point.

  1. Make it mobile-friendly.

Mobile access is a must. Statistics indicate that 98% of millennials aging from 18-24 and 97% of millennials aging from 25-35 use smartphones. So it is safe to assume that they’ll check out a company’s website with a smartphone more likely than a desktop. Millennials are renowned for keeping their eyes glued to a smartphone screen so it vital for a mobile site to have an interface that will keep the user engaged through smooth user experience and fast site loading. Make sure that the mobile site is easy to use and has content that loads fast. Simplify navigation and avoid multiple layers of drop-down menus that will only confuse the user. Having a mobile site as well as a desktop site widens the span of your audience thus creating more opportunities for your brand to be known.

  1. Create creative and original content.

The Filipino youth are very up-to-date to emerging trends and news so it is important for a website to have content that is original and unique that would keep its audience interested. Bear in mind that creating a website is no longer just putting words and graphic elements on a page. It is about knowing what your target audience wants and providing the exact content that will fulfil those desires. Try to imagine yourself as one of your customers and envision what exactly do you want from this particular company. Do you want better service? Do you want the products that they are offering? As a content creator, you must be aware as to what your audience wants and be capable enough to satisfy their needs. Businesses must keep in mind that millennials are extremely picky when it comes to changing services and products so they learn to adapt and go with the millennial flow. And as always, keep it creative and original. Nobody likes a copycat.

  1. Promote sharing.

Millennials love to share their experiences in social media so having share buttons on fresh content like blogs are very beneficial to a website. This helps to spread your content to a wider audience and further strengthening your brand. Keep them engaged in different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to develop a feeling of loyalty prompting repeated uses of your site. Having a loyal fan base increases your potential growth and becomes another way in which you can attract new customers. The power of social media is vast and should never be underestimated. Harness its power and take advantage of its benefits in order to create a website that is cool and sustainable.

  1. Keep the website updated.

Make sure that when maintaining a website, you are also keeping up with what is happening in the world. Be aware of the changes around you and adjust to the coming trends, news,  and content. Remember that what may be popular now might be forgotten in the coming months so it is a good idea to ride the hype of the young people as they are your target audience. I do not recommend mindlessly imitating what is trending at the moment, but you must establish your identity as a brand while keeping in mind the changes that are happening around you. Consider having SEO for your site as it greatly increases your visibility and range when being searched on popular search engines.

  1. Be approachable and interactive with the target audience.

A company that is easy to contact is a blessing for consumers. Nothing annoys millennials more than a company that has lousy customer service. Make sure to join popular social media sites so you can be easily found by customers.  People will always have questions about how products or services work so having a great customer support service or a section dedicated to FAQs is really appreciated in a website. Make sure that your website has a working email address and phone numbers for various telecom networks to accommodate the needs of customers.

Creating a website designed for all age groups may be a tough feat to beat but among all these, millennials are the toughest to please. So next time you try and create a website, consider the tips given and keep in mind their needs: efficiency, control, and ease of use. They may be tough customers, but they are the ones who bring in business in huge numbers. Once you are able to make a website that millennials keep using, you are in for a journey of a lifetime.

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