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Being a writer includes lots of brainstorming and creative ideas. But for me, a writer or blogger is someone who writes what he thinks, whereas a simple topic can be viewed into three different perspectives. First, the optimistic side – this is where you still find light on the dark side of the issue. You learn to give and deliver the positive points to your viewers or listeners. Conclusions are presented with “life” and lots of “what ifs”. Second, the cynical side – mostly you target both the issue and the person though the person involved has limitations of getting criticized. Address the issue and the roots but don’t overlook a person’s human rights. Bashing and bullying can change someone’s life. We writers are born to influence, be heard and not to annihilate others. Third, I called it the unbiased platform – writers of this kind are careful not to side on either of the two.

Writers are dangerous. Well, you can take this as a confession. Of course, I’m not saying this as a whole. Writers are said to be one of the most influential people in the world. An article, a story, a quotation or even a banner advertisement can change someone’s mind and dream. What am I trying to say is that, we should be extra cautious on the things we write. Yet we are blessed that we can freely express what’s inside of us.

Whimsical writing is the best. The reason behind this is because it is unusual and fresh. You don’t have to follow crazy rules and instructions like a thesis paper. It contains the true color of what you want to say and publish. Aside from the fact that writing and blogging can be a source of income, it can actually be the source of conversion too. Writers’ whimsical writing can be the change that you want to see. Maybe not now, but their scripts and article has no expiration dates so there’s always a chance.


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